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We are a network of entrepreneurial Latin American women in Ottawa-Gatineau where we can help each other and influence favourably our personal and professional development.


To be the leading group for the development of Latin American women who want support in their personal and professional initiatives in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.


Promote the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences among Latin American women entrepreneurs of the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

  1. Promote and support the activities of all members of the network.
  2. Improve the level of knowledge of all members in the fields of profession, business, productivity, and management for the development of individual projects as well as projects of the network, profit or otherwise.
  3. Promote the exchange of experiences that foster cultural, social, intellectual and personal enrichment.
  4. Assist and guide Latin American women entrepreneurs who want to initiate their projects and/or studies in Ottawa-Gatineau.


Multidisciplinary: We belong to many disciplines and have different backgrounds, education and experiences. All vocational guidance and any field of interest are welcome and bring something positive to the group.

Solidarity: We show interest in the personal and professional well-being of all members of our network. We take advantage of the opportunities before us to give mutual support.

Respect: We communicate in a friendly and cordial language. We accept different points of view and share our differences in a constructive way.

Collaboration: We work together to share the workload. We all contribute, through our individual and collective efforts, to achieve a common goal.